How Does SuitKits Work?

SuitKits is a website that allows you to design and order your own made-to-measure suits and separates from the comfort of your home or office. And we make designing both easy and fun!

First, you'll choose one of our easy-to-use templates: business professional, business casual, or fashion forward. In the template, you'll choose your fabric colors as well as accessories like linings, lapels, buttons, pockets, monograms etc. with the help of a virtual stylist. Check out our video example. 

After you've completed your design and made your purchase, you'll see a button called "Final Step, Find a Tailor" on your order confirmation screen. From there, you can book an appointment with one of our tailoring partners in New York, Chicago, Washington D.C., Atlanta, Boston and Los Angeles to take your measurements so we can get started on your made-to-measure suit. We follow the same process for our separates (blazers, pants, skirts, and accessories).

We'll save your measurements to your profile so that you can reorder with the confidence that your clothes will always fit your body, your job, and your style!

What is a Made to Measure Custom Suit?

Great question! SuitKits suits are “Made to Measure” custom suits, which is a hybrid between a ready-to-wear suit and a bespoke suit. What's great about a made-to-measure suit is that you get many if not all of the customization options of a bespoke suit: fabric choices, linings, lapels, buttons, etc. So the "look" of your suit is totally custom. Unlike a "bespoke" or fully custom suit, however, during the made-to-measure process, our manufacturers alter preexisting patterns (2, 4, 6, 8, etc) before the cutting process to match more closely to your unique measurements. This ensures a better fit for those of us in-between sizes and also makes any after-the-fact alterations easier and more successful.

In short, made-to-measure suits are a great middle point that will allow our clients to express their individual style and achieve a great fit, at a price point they can afford. Our made-to-measure suits start as low as $399.

“Bespoke” or fully custom suits, on the other hand, use patterns that are designed from scratch. True Bespoke suits require multiple fittings and specific expertise, and if done properly thousands of dollars. SuitKits offers fully custom suits under our Red Signature Label which is available in Los Angeles starting at $1599.

If you are interested in learning more about our bespoke program, contact us at we.are.listening@suitkits.com

How Do You Get My Measurements?

We have partnered with some of the best tailors in the country to take your measurements. After you've completed your design and made your purchase, you'll see a button called "Final Step, Find a Tailor" on your order confirmation screen to schedule an appointment with the SuitKits tailoring partner in your city. Our tailor will take your measurements and record them in our app, which saves them to your profile. The next time you order, no measurements needed!

Currently, our tailors are servicing New York, Chicago, Washington D.C., Atlanta, Boston and Los Angeles clients only. Live elsewhere? Join our wait list so we know which cities to come to next.

Can I Measure Myself?

Unfortunately, we do not allow clients to measure themselves or use other tailors/dry cleaning services. We believe that to get the best product your measurements should be taken by one of our professionals who understand our system and have the proper expertise. If we do not have a tailoring partner in your city, join our wait list so we know which cities to come to next.

What Should I Expect When I Visit Your Tailor?

A measuring appointment takes about 30 minutes. Please make sure to wear skintight clothing. We suggest yoga pants and a tight fitting tank top/sports bra. You should also wear the same bra that you would wear under your SuitKits suits.

Before you start, the tailor will put a band or string around your natural waist and then take approximately 21 measurements of your body from head to toe. Not all measurements are used for every garment but we want to make sure we are comprehensive so that you only have to get measured once no matter what you order.

Our tailor will record your measurements in our app and save them to your account profile. Reorder with confidence!

What Happens if My Suit Doesn’t Fit?

We want our clients to get the best fit possible. That's why we offer our free alterations program to all first time customers. How does it work?  After you receive your first order, if you want to make any alterations, just contact us at we.are.listening@suitkits.com within 30 days. We will help you arrange an alterations appointment with our tailor in your city to make fit adjustments up to $100 for FREE!

Once your alterations are made, we will update your profile with your new measurements so that you can make future purchases with confidence.

Can I Order if I Don't Live in LA, NY, DC, ATL, Boston or Chicago?

Unfortunately, no, not yet. Our tailors are only servicing clients in New York, Chicago, Washington D.C., Atlanta, Boston and Los Angeles. But, you can join our wait list so we know which cities to come to next. You can also join The SuitKits Squad, our free membership program, to start collecting credits right away.

When Will My Order be Delivered?

Once your measurements are recorded by one of our tailors through our app, they will be sent to one of our manufacturers to create your custom SuitKits garments. Currently, our estimated delivery time is approximately 8 weeks from the time you get measured. (Please be patient with us while we get started and order fabric depending on demand!)

The more orders we get, the faster we will be able to get our delivery time down to our expected 3-4 week turn-around. So refer a friend!

How Much is Shipping?

Our shipping rate is a flat $20 on every order. But, as a member of The Squad, you can earn credits to cover your shipping costs and much more! To learn more about the benefits of joining The Squad, click here.

Can I Expedite My Shipment?

Not at this time, but we may add this convenience in the future. Meanwhile, stock up so that you stay ready for that next career-changing opportunity.

Do I have to order a whole suit?

Of course not! We don’t just sell 2 and 3 piece suits and accessories, we also sell separates: blazers, pants, and skirts with dresses to come very soon.

What is the SuitKits Squad?

The SuitKits Squad is our free membership program packed with exclusive perks for our amazing community of powerhouse women. It is the easiest way to save up for free or discounted suits and accessories using the credits you earn through our program. All we need is your name, e-mail and password to get started and it costs you nothing!

Join the Squad

How Do I Use My Credits?

Every credit you earn is worth $1 on our site, which you can redeem on the "My Bag" page right before your purchase! Just click the box that says "Redeem Credits," select the number of credits you'd like to use, and copy and paste the discount code in the "Discount Code" box on the next page.

Note: you can only use one discount code per purchase and you cannot use credits to purchase gift cards.

Where are Your Products Made?

We have manufacturers in both China and Mexico, who we are proud to partner with. Our manufacturers are experts in “Made to Measure” garments, which is an expensive and demanding process that does not currently exist in the United States. If you become aware of any Made to Measure factories in the United States, we would love to hear about them at we.are.listening@suitkits.com.

Once your garments are manufactured, they are processed, folded, packaged and shipped from our distribution center in Los Angeles, California directly to your home or office.

What if I Want to Make Another Purchase but My Measurements Have Changed?

We’ve all been there, you gain or lose weight and your clothes no longer fit. No worries! Just contact us at we.are.listening@suitkits.com so that we can arrange a new fitting appointment with our tailor in your city. You'll enjoy our preferred pricing on new measurements or alterations as a SuitKits client.

What is Your Refund/Return Policy?

Because we make “Made to Measure” custom suits designed specifically for you, we do not offer refunds based on fit. Notwithstanding the foregoing, we desire to ensure that all customers are satisfied with their SuitKits purchases. Thus, all first time customers will receive a $100 credit for any after-the-fact alterations, which are then recorded to your profile, and all existing customers will enjoy our preferred pricing on new measurements or alterations as a SuitKits client. In the rare case that there is an issue with your garment other than fit, please let us know within 7 days of receiving your order at we.are.listening@suitkits.com and we will guide you through our returns process, issue a full or partial refund, or supply a SuitKits gift card depending on the circumstances. 

We've Launched in LA, NY, DC, ATL, & Chicago!

We've Launched in LA, NY, DC, ATL, Boston & Chicago!

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