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Ten years ago, as I found myself interviewing at the most prestigious law firms in the country—in the most uncomfortable suit—I couldn’t help but feel insecure. Wearing a suit that didn’t fit or flatter, reinforced my greatest fear: I am an imposter. I don’t belong.

Even after being promoted to partner, my suits still failed to reflect the confident woman I had become and held me back from representing the fearless, unique individual that I strived to be. So, instead of waiting another ten years for something to change, I created SuitKits by Sierra E.

The goal is not to be known for what you wear, but to make a lasting impact based on how it made you feel.

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The SuitKits Story

Through your purchases, SuitKits provides free business-professional suits to disadvantaged, low-income or at-risk female students with limited financial resources.

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We've Launched in LA, NY, DC, ATL, & Chicago!

We've Launched in LA, NY, DC, ATL, Boston & Chicago!

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