Business professional suits have a reputation for being uncomfortable and far too conservative to allow your personality to shine through. While that may be the case for off-the-rack suits, custom business professional suits are far more comfortable and offer a number of customizable options that will allow you to infuse a bit of your style and personality into the suit.

Unlike the more relaxed suit styles, the business professional suit must adhere to certain guidelines in order to remain business professional. That being said, there is still a good amount of wiggle room to make the suit your own.


With a custom suit you can choose the fabric of your garments. The color you decide on will undoubtedly be the first thing people notice about your business professional suit. Choose a solid color or spice it up a bit with a pattern like jacquard or pinstripes.

Once you have decided on the color and fabric that you want on the outside, choose the lining on the inside of your jacket. Since the lining is mostly hidden, you can be a bit more adventurous with your choice. Go for a fun color or a bold print. You can pick something that will complement both the outside of the jacket and your personality.


Unlike the more relaxed suit options, a notch lapel works best for a business professional suit. The regular notch lapel is narrower and will give you a more modern look. A wide notch lapel is a bit more classic and conservative but no less beautiful.


When choosing the pockets of your business professional suit, the first option is a classic flat pocket which goes straight across the jacket. As an alternative, you can choose a slanted pocket for a slimming effect.

If the pockets can be tucked in, you have the ability to create a faux pocket look. It’s a little detail that will give you a much different look and feel. Best of all, you can change how you wear your suit from day to day.


Highlight your attention to detail with the perfect buttons. Choose the color, size, and finish that appeals to you. Go for a subtle button that won’t draw attention, or for a button in a contrasting color that will stand out.

There are no hard rules when it comes to buttons. The only important consideration is that they be flattering on the jacket as well as on the person who wears it. The perfect button will compliment you just as much as your suit.


If you’re going to customize a suit to match your style and personality, then it’s only fitting that you put your name on it. Monograms are sown into the lining above the inside pocket of the suit with customizable fonts and colors.

Having your initials monogrammed into your suit is a nice touch. Or perhaps you would prefer a short message that means something to you. A word or phrase to inspire you and remind you how awesome you are is a great confidence booster.

The Bottoms

The most customizable part of a business professional suit is the jacket. But the pieces you wear with that jacket give you more options. For your lower half you can choose a pant, which often exudes power. Or you can go with a knee length or a pencil length skirt for a more feminine or conservative touch. For the top, add a vest to get a more polished look.


Now that you have customized your suit to make it your own, add the extra bits to fill in the look. Go for a white or black blouse for a conservative look or choose a bold color to brighten up your look. Add a tie or a scarf to add a bit more visual interest to your outfit.

If you’re wearing pants make sure you pay close attention to your shoes. A heel that is too short or too tall will throw off the fit of the pants. Sprinkle in a couple of pieces from your jewelry box but make sure you don’t overdo it. Finally, remember your favorite purse, bag, or briefcase to complete the look.

How will you customize your business professional suit?

Sierra E is a Los-Angeles based trial lawyer and entrepreneur. She became partner at her law firm in 2015 and has made numerous appearances as a guest legal correspondent on CNN. In 2018, Sierra launched SuitKits, an online shopping service that allows women to custom design suits and separates to fit their exact measurements, style, color and cut. Through her career, her writings, and her company, Sierra hopes to help women from all backgrounds achieve both personal and professional success for the benefit of themselves and their families. You can find her on Twitter/Facebook/IG @SuitKits

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