We all instinctively understand the power of clothing. From a young age we learn how to process the visual cues of style and make certain judgments of others accordingly. But rather than viewing the way you dress as a way for others to judge you, it’s time to take that power back and let your style work for you! Here are some simple tips to help you discover your personal style.

1. Know Yourself

You can’t know your style until you know yourself. Finding your personal style isn’t about finding a way to stand out. It’s about looking for items that make you feel beautiful and confident which will radiate out to others. When you know yourself, other people’s opinions won’t matter and you’ll have more fun with your wardrobe.

2. Build From The Ground Up

While you’re on the road of discovering your personal style, start with the basics. These pieces are the essentials that make up the foundation of your wardrobe. You need pieces that you can easily pair together and that work for different aspects of your lifestyle. These versatile items should be able to take you from the office, to a social function and a night out with friends with minimal effort. As you become more acquainted with your style you can build on these basic items with more distinct pieces that express your individual taste. Allow yourself to grow into your style, and you’ll soon have a rich wardrobe that is full of your personality.

3. Find Clothes That Fit

Once you put in the effort to discover your personal style, don’t spoil the look with ill-fitting attire. Clothing that doesn’t fit is not flattering no matter how much you try to fake the funk. People will notice and you will notice. Remember that the way you feel in your clothing often affects your body language and what you express towards others.

4. Invest In Yourself

Everyone loves fast fashion … a $10 t-shirt, a $50 dress, who can say no to that?! While bargain shopping is great and can help to build out your wardrobe as you build up your coins, make sure that you’re cognizant of what that may mean to your psyche. Are you buying everyone else in your life quality/long-lasting pieces while your clothes fall apart after the first wash? What does that say? As women, we need to stop putting ourselves last. So, along with your bargain shopping, save up for some key, quality pieces for yourself that will stand the test of time.

Have you discovered your personal style yet?

Sierra E is a Los-Angeles based trial lawyer and entrepreneur. She became partner at her law firm in 2015 and has made numerous appearances as a guest legal correspondent on CNN. In 2018, Sierra launched SuitKits, an online shopping service that allows women to custom design suits and separates to fit their exact measurements, style, color and cut. Through her career, her writings, and her company, Sierra hopes to help women from all backgrounds achieve both personal and professional success for the benefit of themselves and their families. You can find her on Twitter/Facebook/IG @SuitKits

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