It’s easy to get frustrated when you feel unappreciated. Being passed up for a promotion or not getting that salary bump can even affect your self-esteem. Is there anything you can do to increase your chances of getting noticed? Yes! Here are seven ideas to help position yourself for that next promotion.

1. Help The Company

Think beyond your job description and instead focus on helping the company be successful. Your position probably gives you a unique perspective on certain company processes and workflow. Demonstrate critical thinking by coming up with ways to simplify the way things are done allowing the company to be more efficient. Share your ideas with management to prove your worth and readiness for the next career step.

2. Look The Part

A great way to encourage those decision makers to start visualizing you in a new role is to begin dressing as if you already had the job. Dress for the position you want, not for the one you have. Not only will you look more professional and prepared, you will also stand out in a good way and get noticed. Next time there’s a promotion up for grabs, you will be much more likely to be remembered.

3. Set And Meet Goals And Targets

Goal setting is an important tool in measuring effectiveness and success. Make sure that you meet or exceed all the goals and targets that your manager set for you at your last performance review and then tell your manager about it. When that time of year comes around again, you can also turn the conversation into a two way street by suggesting some goals and targets of your own.

But be careful not to over-promise. If you say you will get something done by a certain time, ensure that you can deliver. Be the kind of employee that is dependable and reliable.

4. Be Sociable

It’s smart to build relationships with coworkers. Participate in as many after hour work functions as you can. You might catch the eye of someone that can help you get that promotion by showing that you’re willing to put in more than your 40 hours per week. There might be an opportunity to introduce yourself to someone new or even share your thoughts and ideas with top level management. At the very least you will be building relationships with your peers and showing that you’re well liked and a good leader.

5. Have A Positive Attitude

Sometimes things get hard. Tight deadlines, heavy workloads, grumpy coworkers, or a boss that won’t get off your back can easily sour your day but don’t let it show. No matter what happens, keep cool and put forth your best effort. If you can’t handle the job you have, then you definitely can’t handle a more demanding role. Don’t let a bad attitude blow your chances of being promoted. Be cheerful, optimistic, and a role model to those around you.

6. Show Your Work Ethic

Ideally you should be showing up early and staying late but at bare minimum you should arrive on time and work your full shift. Being punctual makes you look professional and shows that you care about the success of the company. Additionally, you want to be present. If a manager or director is looking for you and they can never find you, they will pass you up for a promotion. Out of sight, out of mind.

7. Tell Them That You’re Interested

Don’t assume that just because you’re working your buns off people know you want to be promoted. You need to voice your interest to be sure that your name comes up when there is a promotion to be had. Talk to your manager about your intentions to move up in the company. If the position you are interested in is outside of your department, talk to your potential new boss too. If they know you’re interested they’ll be more likely to take a closer look at what you have to offer.

Will you be applying for a promotion this year?

Sierra E is a Los-Angeles based trial lawyer and entrepreneur. She became partner at her law firm in 2015 and has made numerous appearances as a guest legal correspondent on CNN. In 2018, Sierra launched SuitKits, an online shopping service that allows women to custom design suits and separates to fit their exact measurements, style, color and cut. Through her career, her writings, and her company, Sierra hopes to help women from all backgrounds achieve both personal and professional success for the benefit of themselves and their families. You can find her on Twitter/Facebook/IG @SuitKits

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